Anna Tkachuk

Level 1 Body Heal Therapist

820 Tyvola Road, Charlotte NC 28217
  (980) 292-1090

Anna was born in the beautiful city of Kiev which is the capital of Ukraine. She was always interested in helping others, so she decided to go to Medical School to earn a degree in Medical Psychology.  While working on her degree she also became interested in different methods of psychotherapy, yoga, and body movement as part of psychotherapy. After getting her degree in medical psychology she moved to the United States and started a family. During her life, Anna discovered how to balance nutrition and physical health in order to avoid traditional medicine wherever possible. As part of her further educational undertaking, she was involved in psychosomatic clinical studies and learned how our emotional and psychological issues can be the root cause of physical problems. 

After years of trying to put her experience, knowledge and passion into a career she finally came to the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork where she discovered a lot about kinesiology and how to help people move without pain through the understanding of its cause. Through raising her own children she has come to understand how important posture and proper movement is for kids. This understanding has revealed how the roots of some of the adult issues she helps people deal with have arisen from childhood. 

Anna enjoys working with youngsters, athletes and also just regular people who need her help. She might appear fragile, but her strength and technique will surely surprise you. She strongly believes in the approach of “No pain, no gain” when it comes to muscular pain relief.