700 N Tryon St.

Located Inside YVY Facility

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Rick Rozier
Licensed Bodywork Therapist
Services Offered At This Location
  • Body Work Therapy

  • Clinical Massage Therapy

  • Free Consultations

Phone Number:

(980) 292-1090



Address: 700 N Tryon, Charlotte, NC 28202

Inside a YVY training facility

This Location Is Inside
A YVY Training Facility

About YVY:

As a professional athlete and coach, Curtis Walls coined “YVY” to remind his players that it is ALWAYS “You vs Yourself.” He taught them to never focus on the opponent or what’s out of your control. 


When athletes and high capacity individuals focus on what they can control, they will always reach their goals, compete at the highest levels and excel. The YVY family knows “competition doesn’t really exist.”


Our goal at YVY is to show our clients how to, not only look good, but feel good. With us, you will gain mobility, learn proper movement patterns and get stronger along the way. Everything we do is intentional. Everything we do has a purpose. We will always meet your body where it is at - and build from there. 


At YVY, our services expand beyond the gym. We offer comprehensive programming with body-work massages, yoga and more. 


Find a fitness community that makes you level up your goals! Join us today!