Levels and Pricing

Our pricing is simple and straight forward.  We do not charge extra for any of the services offered by the therapist.  When you purchase a bodywork session you are purchasing all of the tools and techniques the therapist has to offer and any number of them could be used during your sessions.  

The price point per therapist is based on the techniques they have available for you to take advantage of.  At Body Heal we offer weekly training for our therapists so that they can learn the skills to move up from one technique level to the next.  But, our therapists do not have to learn these skills from us.  Some of our therapists have acquired these skills through trainings outside of Body Heal and brought them with them when they joined the Body Heal Therapy Team.  Regardless of where the therapists learned the techniques all Body Heal therapists have shown proficiency in the techniques for the level of therapy they offer. 

What We Offer


Who offers it: All therapists except David Phillips

Price Range: $70 - $90 per hour depending on the therapist's level of training

What it is:     The term Bodywork encompasses all of the therapeutic skils that the therapist brings to the session. We use a system of levels to identify which skills each therapist is proficient in.  We also list any additional techniques that the therapist has on their bio page and on their location page.

Structural Integration

Who Offers it: David Phillips, developer of the Body Heal training system

Price Point: $125 per hour

What it is: Structural Integration, which embraces the Rolfing method, utilizes a deep set of tools to fully reorganize the bodies connective tissue system.  With 20 years of experience, David brings a unique experience to his clients looking to relieve tension, resolve pain, and restore authentic energy back into the physical system. The SI series is 11 sessions in total and looks to uncover layers of tension built up over years, often changing lives in the process. David offers free consultation for those looking to go through the series. 

Craniosacral Therapy

Who Offers: Ragan Wren

Price Point: $80 per hour

What it is:  Craniosacral therapy is a light touch therapy that works with the subtle rhythms of your body to release restrictions in the bones and soft tissues which allows for greater flow through the body's channels and can have a profound effect on the autonomic nervous system.  The intelligence in your body guides the therapist through this gentle hands on technique.  You are fully clothed during the session.

The Bodywork Levels

Licensed Bodywork Therapist  $70

Bodywork Therapists are experienced, high-level therapists that have graduated form an advanced bodywork program and are working to master the fundamentals of assessment and therapeutic, clinical massage. Each Bodywork Therapist offers unique individual techniques in their practice which you can find in the bio and location pages for each therapist.  All Bodywork Therapist’s are proficient in the following skills:

     -  Neuromuscular Therapy

     -  Soft Tissue Recovery

     -  Postural Assessment


All of these skills are available to you in your sessions as you work towards full body tension and stress reduction, area specific pain elimination, and exercise recovery. 

Certified Bodywork Therapist  $80

Certified Bodywork Therapists have shown mastery and expertise in the fundamental skills of a Bodywork Therapist. Additionally, a Certified Bodywork Therapist is proficient in the following skills:

     - Myofascial Release

     -  Active Release

     -  Advanced Assessment Techniques

These new skills position our therapists to deal with more complicated cases and position them to serve our clientele with a greater diversity of tools and interventions.

Advanced Bodywork Therapist  $90

Advanced Bodywork Therapists have shown mastery and expertise in the certified skills of a Bodywork Therapist including:

     - Postural and Range of Motion Assessments

     -  Myofascial release

     -  Myofascial Stretching

     -  Muscle Testing

Proficient in assessing movement and handling complex pain and tension presentations.