4724 Park Road

Located Inside Movement Spine And Sport

Certified Bodywork Therapist
$80 Per Hour

Certified Personal Trainer
E-RYT 200

Services Offered At This Location
  • Body Work Therapy

  • Clinical Massage Therapy

  • Cupping Therapy

  • Myofascial Scraping

  • Free Consultations

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4724 Park Road

Charlotte, NC 28209

Located inside Movement Spine and Sport

Our Madison Park office is located inside of Movement Spine And Sport.  

Read below and visit their site to see why we have chosen this amazing location.

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About Movement Spine And Sport

At Movement Spine and Sport we specialize in the treatment and prevention of all musculoskeletal injuries. Utilizing cutting edge approaches and techniques, we treat our patients swiftly and with specificity. Unlike traditional sports rehab which focuses on the specific area of pain, we focus on identifying the root cause of the injury by looking at the body as a whole, rather than just on the injury site. We listen to the challenges faced by our patients, we learn about their routine and goals, and we use that information to provide customer specific consultations on advised Chiropractic treatments, as well as health and fitness advancements.