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Pain In The Neck

Daily neck pain and tension is not normal

Often when clients come to us for relief with neck pain, neck tension, tech neck, or any other neck concerns, there is a belief that neck pain is a natural part of life. Though daily neck pain and tension has become “normal” it is not our natural state of being. In fact it is possible for people to achieve relief from neck pain simply by changing daily habits and introducing new ones.

Sometimes it feels like everything is just locked up

That is likely because it is! Your neck has within it a number of different tissues that are difficult to repair when recovering from injury. These tissues, which undergo daily compression from poor posture and movement patterns, are being protected by muscle to prevent further injury. When we experience those neck pains, we are often feeling muscles protecting us from bad posture, poor movement, and stress.

We’re here to guide you with healthy movement and healthy habits

A lot of our bad postures and stresses are a direct result of our everyday activities. Work, home activities, commutes to and from places, even looking down at our phones constantly are just some examples of how we often compromise our ideal alignment and body position over time. In our current climate, with all the virtual meetings, work from home, and lack of ability to get out and move, things are compounding even further. Now more than ever, we need to counteract these postural positions we find ourselves in so often. Creating new habits that encourage alignment can help to mitigate our new reality of experiencing days with neck tension, neck pain, headaches, and physical stress. We are here to guide you on ideas to help you out! Here we will explore some simple strategies on how to start easing these patterns in the neck:

Stretch 1: (3) Active stretch for front of the neck - YouTube

Stretch 2: (3) Active stretch for the back of the neck - YouTube

Stretch 3: (3) Neck rotation with towel - YouTube

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