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What is Body Heal?

What is Body Heal?

Body Heal is the Charlotte Area’s first center for bodywork and functional movement. Our goal is to bring you the highest quality manual therapy, bodywork, and movement guidance to get you living pain free. What makes us unique is our focus on specific sets of tissues that often interfere with natural movement and cause typical pain presentations, including low back pain, headaches, TMJ pain, shoulder pain, ankle pain, knee pain, joint stiffness, heavy, tired, and sluggish energy in movement, and early aging.

Why Bodywork and what does it do?

Believe it or not, bodywork is not a new term. The term first appeared in the mid 90’s and has its roots in the massage community. In fact, our state licensure state ‘LMBT’, which stands for licensed massage and bodywork therapist. Despite there being a clear difference, most people are unaware of what bodywork is. Bodywork is a form of clinical therapy that focus on the myofascial system, through hands on manipulation, stretch, movement, and exercise.

At Body Heal, we have taken this foundation and integrated elements from some of the industry’s leading practices, schools, and training to bring you industry leading therapy. This blend pulls from Rolfing, Physical Therapy, Kinesiology, CranioSacral therapy, and much more. We believe our methods offer some unique and highly effective strategies to deal with even some of the most complex presentations. We feel strongly enough about it that we offer free consultations to anyone interested in our system of bodywork therapy.

What is Bodymove?

Unlike most other movement therapies in the industry, Bodymove represents a brand of movement that encompasses the fundamental principles of longevity, joint health, youthful, vigorous patterns of movement, and self-care maintenance through activity. Accomplishing these requires a few things that are essential to the Bodymove system:

1) Looking at necessary and complex human movements in the body allows us to assess your individual needs as a human in motion

2) Therapeutic intervention includes a series of catered progressions that fit your starting point and empower you to take control of healthy movement.

3) With healthy movement comes a commitment to healthy living. As part of a system for pain free living, Bodymove takes the change created by Bodywork, and integrates into a system of movements that keep you in good health long term. This is what Body Heal is all about.

4) These principles can be applied to any system of application, however challenging or simple you like.

All of the elements of Body Heal are designed with the patient in mind, to empower you to take your body to a place where you can live pain free and do what you love.

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