We cannot diagnose we combine bodywork therapy and movement therapy.  We refer out when we cannot help.  Some of our therapists are certified personal trainers and they can give exercise protocols.  other therapists have other movement training and can give movement guidance according to those methods.  

Body Heal seeks to fill the gap between massage therapy and physical therapy.  We saw a need in the industry to provide bodywork for real pain relief and to combine it with movement therapy for lasting change.  We hope to educate the client as well as the therapists.  We also provide continuous training to our therapists so that they can provide high quality care to our clients.

What Does Level 1 - 4 Mean?

Why we have four levels with different pricing

Let us begin by saying that all of our therapists are well trained and highly effective.  One of our primary purposes for creating BODY HEAL was to create a company that offered life changing bodywork from therapists that clients could trust to know what they are doing.  To do this we have created training programs within BODY HEAL that all therapists must go through in order to become a BODY HEAL Therapists (BHT) and to progress through the levels that are offered at BODY HEAL.  

Below are basic outlines of what the four levels of therapists at BODY HEAL represent.

New Therapist

BHT In Training has graduated from a massage and bodywork therapy school that focuses on clinical bodywork.  This means that the therapist has a good knowledge of anatomy, a solid base of assessments to get to the root cause of an issue and has been trained to work with muscle and fascia using techniques that create structural change.  These therapists are able to address a myriad of common issues that effect posture, impede performance and create pain in the body.  In order to move to Level 1, the New Therapist has to go through a six month program that fortifies and expands upon the clinical therapy education that they received from their massage and bodywork school.  They are tested on their aptitude and proficiency of these concepts in a clinical setting before moving up to Level 1.

Level 1

Level 1 therapists have gone through all of the training and testing to move up from New Therapist to Level 1.  Level 1 therapists are proficient at the assessment process and they have more advanced protocols to determine the cause of issues in the body. Their treatment skills are more refined than the Junior therapist as well. The level one therapist has the skills to handle a large percentage of the aches and pains that walk through BODY HEAL's door.

Level 2

A level 2 practitioner has the skill set to offer what is needed for the BODY HEAL client. With advanced training from BODY HEAL and a certification in movement training, a level 2 practitioner provides physical improvement both on the massage table and on the training mat. Movement training coupled with bodywork produces life long results that are second to none.  

Level 3

Our most advanced practitioner, the Level 3 therapist can handle the most complicated of issues. To get to level 3 our therapists have to have at least 9 years of experience in the field of massage and bodywork. Their KCB training includes joint mobilizations as well as soft tissue therapy as well as a long list of other trainings that, when combined, provide a level of care that is unmatched in the industry.