Therapist Bios

Each therapist brings something different to the table.  If you would like to learn more about any of our therapists or to speak with them in person before you book a session please feel free to give us a call or book a free consultation.

David Phillips massage and bodywork therapist






David’s journey into bodywork began in 2002 as his passion for human anatomy and his interest in manual therapy lead him to bodywork and massage. After graduation, David began teaching the work and practicing full time at the age of 21. Over the first 5 years, David worked with Chiropractic physicians, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, and Yogi’s, honing his craft and learning from industry leaders.

  • M.S. (Master Of Kinesiology)- A.T. Still University

In 2013, David received his Master degree in Kinesiology from A.T. Still University. Still interested in maintaining his private practice, David began to explore the connection between bodywork and kinesiology.

  • B.S. (Bachelor Of Alternative Medicine)- Everglades University

In 2011, David graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Alternative Medicine from Everglades University and continued from there towards his masters degree.

  • Graduate: Tom Myers KMI and Anatomy Trains 

In 2008, David graduated from Tom Myers KMI and Anatomy Trains program. Utilizing the foundation of the Rolf method of Structural Integration, David began to deepen his understanding of structural dysfunction and myofascial release technique.


In 2009, David returned to school to pursue a higher level of academic understanding of the human body and opened his own practice offering clinical and structural bodywork.

David has over 15 years experience as a Bodywork instructor expertly training, influencing and mentoring the next generation of therapists studying cutting-edge pain science and alternative medicine. 

Over this time period, David has had the pleasure of practicing this therapy in different environmental settings, such as traveling with a pro cycling team around North America and treating indigenous Aymara Indians in the Southern Antiplano of Bolivia.


While his roots are in Charlotte, David is always seeking opportunities to blend his passion for bodywork and his passion for adventure wherever it takes him.

Ragan Wren massage and bodywork therapist






Born with an innate drive to understand the peak functionality and health of the body, Ragan Wren began his career as a professional chef which lasted for fifteen years. Seeking to understand the body and it’s own ability to heal and be healed, Ragan packed a backpack and spent two years traveling around the globe learning and training with healers and shamans all over South America and Asia. Upon returning to the States, Ragan enrolled and graduated from the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork.

Believing that to be a good healer you must be a good student, Ragan took advantage of the school’s open door policy and attended the bodywork course three times (which is a blend of neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release work) and was then invited to come on as part of the faculty where he assists classes and leads study groups.

Ragan found himself working with high performance athletes and dove into learning innovative techniques to get peak performance outcomes. Still seeking to heal the body on a larger level he began training in Cranio-Sacral therapy which has become his main focus and greatest passion.

Ragan believes that to achieve balance in the body it requires not only manual therapy but an education in the movement processes required to facilitate neural repatterning leading to balanced alignment.


“More happens outside of the treatment room than on the massage table. Massage creates a window for change and we must capitalize on that change by integrating that work into the body with movement. Decreasing pain, improving performance and maintaining posture is a lifelong commitment.”

Cara Headshot Cropped.jpg




Cara found her way to bodywork therapy after 10 years of integrative studies in embodied healing and transformation. What started as a personal journey to improve her health and posture became a multidisciplinary and multicultural study in the healing arts throughout the US and South America. While traveling by bicycle for months at a time, and then experiencing life in the Amazon jungle, Cara felt more alive and at peace than she had since childhood. This inspired her to investigate “aliveness” and how to maintain it in the context of modern living. 

Cara’s work as a therapist and movement coach is an integration of her studies in somatic psychology, yoga, martial arts, and bodywork. She helps people more deeply connect with their own bodies and feel more empowered to actively participate in their own healing. With profound respect for the power of touch in the healing process, she uses touch and manual therapy, along with movement and breathwork to help people heal and transform postural patterns that cause pain and inhibit aliveness.

A movement enthusiast who believes that we’re never too old to play, Cara is an advanced student of the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira and a new student in the field of natural parkour. You may spot her doing cartwheels or climbing trees at a nearby park and continuing her mission of promoting aliveness and inner peace wherever she goes.  

If you love to move and want to expand your movement potential and create a deeper connection with your body, Cara is a great choice for you.  Cara uses her extensive experience in body-mind practices and bodywork techniques to help you release pain and restriction throughout your whole body allowing for a more balanced posture, enhanced mobility, and greater support for your overall well-being.


Clinical Massage and Bodywork (North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork) 

Postgraduate studies in Somatic Psychology (California Institute of Integral Studies)

Yoga Teacher Training (True Nature School of Yoga) 

B.A. in Psychology and English Literature (Florida State University)

Jessie Headshot Cropped 2.jpg





Having been raised in a household that gave importance to health and education, Jessie has always been drawn to helping herself and others find ways of preventing illness and improving wellbeing.


After 8 years as a Dental Hygienist, Jessie found the need to pursue a career that would put her in the path of a more wholistic centered atmosphere.  Weight lifting was the catalyst for that transition as it inspired her to obtain her certification in Personal Training through NASM.


However, she still felt she needed more understanding of human movement to be able to provide people the results they wanted through exercise, so a year later she inscribed herself at the NC School of Advanced Bodywork.  There she discovered neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release work for the first time and was hooked!  Jessie loves to combine bodywork with exercise to jumpstart or further her clients on a path of healing, health, and strength. 


Jessie enjoys working with all populations, especially active individuals, such as body builders looking to increase their gains and performance, and those who are on the other end of the spectrum that are older in years and perhaps not as active but still care about their mobility.  Her time spent as a hygienist has also given Jessie more insight and interest into populations affected by clenching and grinding of teeth and enjoys helping those seeking relief from the effects of bruxism.


-Associates in Applied Science, CPCC (2013)

-NASM Certified Personal Trainer  (2019)

-Graduate: North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork (2021)

-Current:  Studying for Corrective Exercise Certification


“Your perspective is always limited by how much you know.  Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind.  Our beliefs control our bodies, our minds, and thus our lives” - Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Susie Johnson massage and bodywork therapist




Susie is an LMBT dedicated in the pursuit of optimal health for herself and her clients.  She is an avid CrossFitter with an extensive background in yoga, meditation and holistic nutrition.  It is with an in depth understanding that our needs as people are constantly changing that she enjoys the side by side approach, working with her clients to reach their highest goals.


  • E-RYT:  Baptiste Level 1 & 2 trained, certifications in Ashtanga & Y12SR

  • Graduate:  Integrative Institute of Nutrition (IIN) holistic health coaching

  • Graduate: North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork (NCSAB)

  • Current:  Studying to become a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Josh Sebring massage and bodywork therapist





With an innate drive to serve and protect others, Joshua Sebring joins our staff of therapists after serving more than 20 years on active duty in the United States Air Force.  Over his lifetime, Josh has suffered from muscle pain and disfunction due to injury and rigorous use as a result of resistance training and the hardships of military service. During the later portion of his career he served in Special Operations which has given him firsthand knowledge of the rigors that our tactical athletes and first responders go through on a daily basis.  After retiring from the armed forces Josh wanted to continue to serve others and he has chosen to do so through bodywork and athletic training. Though the beginning portion of his new career he has focused on individuals who put their bodies through challenges both personally and professionally and he has seen these people positively benefit from bodywork and exercise intervention often fully recovering from chronic injuries and improving their quality of life which has been an extremely rewarding transformation for Josh to witness over and over again.


A lifelong avid athlete, Josh earned his CrossFit level 1 certification in 2017 so he could start training others.  He also has a degree in Exercise science and is currently working towards his certification as a personal trainer.  In his spare time, Josh enjoys an active lifestyle that includes hiking with his family, mountain biking, snowboarding, and skydiving.


If you are suffering from pain and limitations in mobility.  If you are active or used to be active and want to get back into an active lifestyle.   If you just want to feel good in your body.  Josh brings decades of life experience to the table which gives him the expertise to understand the struggles you are facing and guide you through winnable goals with his incredible bodywork and movement education. 


Certifications and Degrees

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists, North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork, 2020

Bachelors of Science, Exercise Science, American Public University, 2020

CrossFit Level 1, 2017