Low Back Trigger Point Pain

It is hard to imagine that 80 percent of the US population currently experiences low back pain. To give you some perspective on how bad the situation is, that is ... Read more

Asian man crying out in pain and holding lower back

Hip Pain Can Come From The Low Back?

One of the most unusual culprits in hip pain, this muscle, whose main job is to move and stabilize and move your lower spine, may surprise you as one of ... Read more

an area of groin pain is indicated in the top of the right leg

Trigger Points Associated With Groin Pain

Soft tissue and myofascial pain is often at play when it comes to groin pain in people who are not high level movers or full-time athletes. A visit to your physician and put you on the right track to heal.

A man showing signs of pain in the head and jaw

Jaw Tension And Headaches

Suffering regular headaches? Jaw tension could be the culprit, especially if you are under constant stress, or have bad posture.

A finger points to the cervical spine on an x-ray

One of The Most Common Causes Of Tension Headaches

The upper cervical area is known to tension headaches. These cervicogenic headaches can often be mistaken for a migraine due to their severity.

a man holds the top of his head and looks uncomfortable

Headaches At The Top Of The Head

In today’s blog post, we examine another muscle with headache referrals, although this one a bit different than the typical headache most people experience. For most, headaches tend to show ... Read more

a red area on a man's forehead depicts the location of pain

Why Is My SCM Giving Me A Headache?

In this series, we will be looking at muscles which refer headaches. Headaches can be one of the most irritating pains in the human body. Headaches also come from a ... Read more

a illustration of a human body showing the location of pain in the sacrum

Tailbone Trigger Point Pain

Sacral pain can emerge from a small collection of problems from pelvic floor issues, root nerve irritation, facet dysfunction, or direct trauma. Often overlooked is the role that muscular trigger points can play in sacral pain.

A runner pulled up with pain in the back of the hamstring

Hamstrings And Pain At The Back Of The Knee

In this blog, we look at a very familiar set of muscles that most everyone knows by name, even if they know very little else: the hamstrings. The hamstrings are often associated with tight legs, poor posture, tears, injuries, and weakness.

A runner holding the back of the knee

Pain At The Back Of The Knee

Learn about the somewhat hidden muscle in the back of the knee, whose pain referral is right over the back of the knee, an area where many people experience knee pain

A woman clutches the outside of her leg

Pain Down The Outside Of The Leg

If you are experiencing pain on the outside of the leg, it may be caused by the gluteus minimus. For help finding relief, the team at Body Heal Therapy can help release those trigger points.

a red area over the knee indicates an area of pain on the woman's leg

The Role Of Adductor Longus And Brevis In Knee Pain

An area not often considered with knee pain, two muscles that sit high up toward the hip are key muscles in knee pain: adductor longus and adductor brevis.