Brandon Mullins

Level 1 Body Heal Therapist
820 Tyvola Rd. #203, Charlotte, NC 28217
(980) 292-1090

Brandon Mullins is a born athlete.  He is a former collegiate track and cross—country runner from Cincinnati Ohio with ten years of competitive running under his belt.  In that time he suffered physical setbacks and through those experiences he learned the importance of good maintenance and regular self-care.  “I have always been a huge believer that prevention is the best healthcare,” said Brandon.

Since his college carrier he has put his focus on helping others.  After he received his education in Physical Fitness Programming he went on to study massage and bodywork at the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork.  “I truly want to help people perform at their very best in whatever capacity I can”, says Brandon.  To broaden his abilities Brandon is adding Corrective Exercise Specialist to his resume.

When asked to tell us a little bit about what a session is like with Brandon he said, “Intuitive assessment, precise bodywork and re-education… my goal is to get people moving comfortably and pain free so that they can get back to their everyday lives feeling balanced.”