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Licensed Body Heal Therapist

820 Tyvola Rd., Charlotte, NC 28217


From a young age, Chris had an innate desire to be of service to others. Having done so in various capacities throughout his life, Chris is now delighted to serve others utilizing the manual therapy education he obtained through the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork. He entered the world of Bodywork therapy through his journey with physical and emotional pain, limited range of motion, and curiosity for self-healing with guidance. Some of Chris’s pain has been brought on by multiple rear-end car accidents, in addition to poor posture. Chris’ ongoing journey within the Bodywork therapy world is allowing him to discover the wide range of possibilities within the mind-body connection and he cannot wait to share that experience with YOU as his client. ¨I am thrilled to help you navigate and understand your pain, because you say so.¨


Identifying the root causes of one’s pain is vital in Chris’ mission to guide the muscles through their natural healing process. NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reports, ‘Mind-body therapies are among the most widely recommended and used form of complementary and alternative medicine. Nursing has long championed these interventions, citing the healing potential of the mind on physiological systems.’ Mind-body medicine: An overview. Available at:

Chris believes, ¨It is essential to include the mind in one's healing process.¨ He focuses on helping each client establish intentional connections between their mind and body. Utilizing muscular manual therapy he guides the body through its natural healing process while educating each client. Are you curious to learn what a mind-body connection and muscular manual therapy can do for your pain, stress, and/or tension? Schedule a session with Chris today.