Evan Griffin

Level 1 Body Heal Therapist

820 Tyvola Rd., Charlotte, NC 28217


Ever since Evan was a kid, he had a passion for sports and athletics. Constantly being outside, whether it was playing in the backyard with his older brothers, going on hikes, or playing organized sports he felt at home. 


After being recruited to play baseball in college, Evan’s athletic career was derailed by injury. Having gone through his own rehab, Evan realized that he too wanted to be the person to help others improve their health. This led him into the world of personal training, first starting out with athletes and eventually moving toward more functional movement. After two years of personal training, Evan realized there was more for him to do in the field. 


This is how Evan found the field of Massage and Bodywork Therapy. After two weeks at the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork, Evan knew this was the missing link. With his new knowledge of the muscular system and the effects of manual therapy, Evan is excited to start helping people get out of pain.