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David Phillips

A man holds a sore right shoulder

This blog will not be the first time we’ve talked about shoulder pain. There are so many different culprits in shoulder pain it is often difficult to nail down a singular cause. Sometimes, the cause of shoulder pain isn’t even sourced in the shoulder. Sometimes, shoulder pain can come from places we least expect. Specifically, pain in the front of the shoulder and along the clavicle (collar bone) is one that we see on occasion. Sometimes this pain can come from the back of the shoulder from the rotator cuff muscles, sometimes, from muscles along the scapula, and sometimes it is a matter of trauma and problems directly with the clavicle itself. Often overlooked, the diaphragm, which is the primary muscle of breathing, has a distinct referral to the clavicle:


In a somewhat shocking display, tension in this muscle clearly leads to pain in the anterior shoulder. Some of it may have something to do with its close relationship to the ribs, some of it may have something to do with diaphragm tension putting increased stress on the neck muscles. Whatever the reason, the idea here is that deeper breathing and diaphragm activations may be a solution for chronic shoulder pain.