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David Phillips

Asian man crying out in pain and holding lower back

One of the most unusual culprits in hip pain, this muscle, whose main job is to move and stabilize and move your lower spine, may surprise you as one of the most common contributors to hip pain. Quadratus Lumborum, often referred to simply as QL, is located on the side of the lower spine, an area we refer to as the transverse processes of the lumbar spine. Specifically, QL helps to manage and control spinal movement, protect discs, and move the spine back and to the side (extension and lateral flexion). While this muscle can create pain and insult directly in the lower spine, trigger point irritation in this muscle shows up in the pelvis:


Primary reasons for trigger point development in this muscle are spinal stiffness, leg length deviation, scoliosis, and excessive postural positions. Stretching this muscle can do wonders to prevent trigger point development in this muscle. Once this muscle becomes problematic, manual intervention is typically required.