Improve Alignment and Balance with Structural Integration

Improve Alignment and Balance with Structural Integration

Think of your body as a building, each part a pillar essential to the strength and beauty of the whole. Structural Integration is the architecture of well-being, a series of sessions designed to align, balance, and harmonize your structure. Through our hands, experience the transformation that aligns you with the gravity of life itself, opening doors to fluid movement and profound connection with your physical essence.

What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is very similar to Rolfing because it is based off of the pioneering work of Ida Rolf and the Rolfing Institute.  Structural Integration (SI) is a process-based approach to somatic education, involving manual therapy and massage, movement reeducation, and life changing embodiment practices. Through these practices, clients will not only relieve life long stress patterns and pain, but discover a new approach to their body, how it works, what it is capable of and where it is headed.

SI systematically addresses your body as a whole over a series of sessions. Skillful touch brings relief from pain and discomfort, and awareness of how you’re holding and using your body. As your practitioner helps you inquire into how you relate with your body and environment, you may come to recognize patterns of tension that no longer serve you, and discover new options for movement, posture, self-care, and your overall physical experience. Rather than treating symptoms, SI practitioners work to help your body integrate internally between systems, and externally toward your life’s challenges.

Some key benefits of Structural Integration include:

  • Restoring posture
  • Elimination old patterns of tension and pain
  • New patterns of functional movement
  • Building confidence
  • Somatic release
  • Deeper embodiment
  • Revitalized energy

People looking for a complete ‘rehaul’ of their body, the structural integration series is a wonderful way to open the body into a deeper, more full experience of the world around you.


Wear comfortable, easy-to-move-in clothing. Close-fitting clothing or sports bras are preferred for structural analysis, and treatments are performed clothed.

We ask for 24 hours' notice to adjust or cancel appointments at no charge.

Cancellations within 24 hours are charged 50% of the session price.

Missed sessions with no notice are charged 100% of the session price.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept and file with your insurance. However, we can provide you with all of the information that you need to file with your insurance company directly.

Yes, we do! Just click on the Book Online button to schedule a consultation. We are happy to go through some assessments to see how KCB will be able to help you with your goals.

No. We cannot diagnose. Only a doctor can make a diagnosis.

We can and do use orthopedic testing to determine if bodywork is recommended for your issue. If we find that the test we perform is a positive then we may recommend that you go to a medical practitioner for a diagnosis.

Since every one of our therapists is an independent contractor we allow each therapist to decide whether they require credit card information to hold an appointment.

If the therapist does require credit card information to hold the appointment then that therapist will contact you to get that information so that they can put it securely in Square. Your card will not be charged and no amount will be held for the appointment.

If you cancel within 24 hours of the appointment or do not show up for the appointment then half of the price of the session will be charged to the card on file. Thank you for your understanding and please call us with any questions.

Body Heal Therapy is a holistic approach to pain relief. Since the human body moves as a unit, rather than in individual pieces, we often compromise for repetitive patterns and postures with unrelenting tension in other areas that can cause pain. By addressing these patterns, we can go beyond providing temporary help to the area causing discomfort, and instead, treat the root cause with lasting results.

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