Lymphatic Drainage

These are the locations and the therapists that offer Lymphatic Drainage:

Edema, Post-Surgical and Sports Performance

Julie Fisher, a therapist at Body Heal Therapy

Julie Fisher
$100-$110 per hour

Edema and Sports Performance

Ragan Wren

Ragan Wren
$90-$100 per hour

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a type of light touch massage therapy that helps to relieve swelling that occurs when medical treatment, poor health or various other conditions cause a backup in the lymphatic system. Unlike the cardiovascular system the lymphatic system does not have a pump to push lymph fluid around the body, so the lymph relies primarily on your body’s muscle action and movement to maintain its fluid movement. The light touch massage techniques used in lymphatic drainage work to stimulate the lymphatic system and accelerates the process of removing the accumulated liquid in your body by pushing it toward your lymph nodes and flushing it out of your system.

What does the lymphatic system do?

The lymphatic system is of great importance to the overall health of the body. The lymphatic system’s three primary functions are:

  • To support your immune system by removing toxins, dead blood cells, pathogens and other waste
  • To help your body absorb fats and fat-soluble vitamins from your digestive system, delivering these nutrients to cells where they are needed
  • To remove excess fluid known as “lymph” and waste products from the spaces between the cells and organs of the body

How do I know if I need lymphatic drainage?

Almost everyone is a candidate for lymphatic drainage because the lymphatic system can often get blocked or overrun because of things like stress, daily environmental toxins, illness and an unhealthy lifestyle. Some of the symptoms of a blocked or overrun lymphatic system are:

  • Tissue swelling
  • Poor skin tone
  • Excess weight
  • Cellulite
  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Greater susceptibility to illness

While a good diet and regular exercise are important, lymphatic drainage massage can accelerate your lymphatic system leading to a wide range of health, aesthetic and fitness benefits.

What can lymphatic drainage do for me?

A healthy lymphatic system is key to good overall health. Some of the benefits you will receive from lymphatic drainage massage are:

  • Reducing swelling caused by water retention
  • Boosting the immune system to help prevent illness and disease
  • Removing pathogens and toxins
  • Improving digestion
  • Helping you feel lighter and less bloated
  • Aiding sleep and relaxation
  • Improving body shape
  • Supporting faster muscle recovery to aid with exercise

Do you offer post-surgical lymphatic drainage?

Yes, we do! Julie Fisher at our Tyvola location offers post-surgical lymphatic drainage.

Is lymphatic drainage beneficial for athletes?

Yes, it is! Lymphatic drainage aids in muscle recovery, joint pain and soreness by removing metabolic waste that clogs up the system. It can reduce pain and increase range of motion by accelerating healing and reducing scar tissue.

Do you offer lymphatic drainage for lymphedema?

No, unfortunately we do not offer lymphatic drainage for lymphedema. Our lymphatic specialists have been trained in lymphatic drainage for edema and/or post-surgical edema but not lymphedema.