Hamstrings And Pain At The Back Of The Knee

A runner pulled up with pain in the back of the hamstring

In this blog, we look at a very familiar set of muscles that most everyone knows by name, even if they know very little else: the hamstrings. The hamstrings are often associated with tight legs, poor posture, tears, injuries, and weakness. Today, we look at one of the trigger points caused by hamstrings, specifically the long and short head of biceps femoris as they refer into the posterior knee:

Up to this point, we have a looked at popliteus and now hamstrings as muscles that will cause posterior knee pain. While we have to consider that knee pain can often come from a collection of other tissues, such as meniscus, ligament, capsule damage, and cartilage, these collections of muscles that cause pain in the posterior knee can be the missing link in relief.

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