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David Phillips

a man holds the top of his head and looks uncomfortable

In today’s blog post, we examine another muscle with headache referrals, although this one a bit different than the typical headache most people experience. For most, headaches tend to show up around the eyes, temple, face, and back of the head. However, on the occasion, a headache will show up as scalp pain and scalp tension. Scalp tension and pain can emerge from a handful of problems, such as tensions in the fascia of the scalp bad eyesight, and cranial nerve inflammation to name a few.

Here, we can see a clear referral to the top of the head and scalp:


Tension in this muscle can be tied to poor posture, injury, and trauma, including whiplash or surgeries. Really serious compromise in this tissue can cause long term trigger points that exhibit regular episodes of scalp and head pain. Bodywork can be one a few different options, including chiropractic or physical therapy that can help to relieve this pain for good.