Jaw Tension And Headaches

A man showing signs of pain in the head and jaw

What if I told you that the headaches you get regularly are actually coming from your jaw? Seems highly unlikely, but in fact, many of the jaw muscles can create symptoms and pain in the head. They can also create facial pain, tooth pain, inner ear pain, tinnitus, and vertigo, just to name a few! An area regularly overlooked, these muscles often stay tight, tense, and loaded with myofascial trigger points. Below, we can see the trigger point pain caused by a muscle called temporalis:


Often credited to poor posture, chronic stress, jaw and face trauma, and conditions such as bruxism, Jaw tension is common. While stress is a primary driver for tension in this area, How we position our posture throughout our day can also play an essential role in relief in this area. Developing cues to relax your jaw throughout the day and maintaining relaxed, slow breathing patterns can make an immediate change in our daily life and start to crack the armor of tension in the jaw. If you are just not making progress with relief, our expert bodyworkers are skilled in releasing tension in the jaw. We would love to help guide you to relief!

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