Is Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Coming From Your Shoulder?

A man holds his right hand with his left

This week, we begin looking at one of the main culprits in trigger point referrals that get overlooked for carpal tunnel syndrome. While carpal tunnel syndrome is a serious diagnosis that affects 3% of the American population, many more are complaining of carpal tunnel pain with no answers. Most everyone has heard of the rotator cuff muscles, but often do not know them by name. The muscle we are looking at today in the rotator cuff group is the subscapularis muscle, and its contributions to carpal tunnel syndrome:

Unlike its other rotator cuff counter parts, the subscapularis lives on the front of the scapula, buried within an array of other muscles. With its belly difficult to get to for treatment and its trigger point to the wrist and shoulder often overlooked, treating this muscle can offer some much-needed relief for carpal tunnel-type symptoms. With the help of a skilled bodyworker, you can get relief from carpal tunnel symptoms you may be experiencing.

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