One of The Most Common Causes Of Tension Headaches

A finger points to the cervical spine on an x-ray

You may not be aware, but at the base of your skull is a collection of small muscles that help move the top of the neck and head (what we like to call the upper cervical area). As we continue our theme of muscles that cause headaches, trigger points from these muscles are some of the most persistent and common causes of tension headaches, especially in those who are sitting at screens all day. Here we see the location of the headache from this group of muscles:

Often caused by poor posture, bad eyesight at computers, stress, and lack of healthy spinal movement, headaches from this group can often be confused for migraines, as the headache is felt deep inside the skull. Stretching, mobility, bodywork, and chiropractic can often combine to relieve tension and trigger points within this upper cervical area of muscles.

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