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David Phillips

A runner holding the back of the knee

As we have seen so far in this blog series, knee pain can be quite complex. Despite all of the many different pathologies that affect the knee such as chondromalacia, patellofemoral syndrome, Osgood Schlatter, and patellar tendonitis, to name a few, there are plenty of knee pains that result from trigger point induced muscle tension. Today, we turn our attention to the back of the knee where we find a small, somewhat hidden muscle whose pain referral is right over the back of the knee, an area where many people experience knee pain:


Popliteus is a muscle that, while it does move the knee, mostly manages the knee by unlocking it from an extended position. Considering most knee injuries are in knee extension, this muscle often gets traumatized and left untreated, leaving the client with pain in the back of the knee. If you are someone who is experiencing pain in this area and are looking for relief, come on in for a free consultation to see if bodywork is right for you.