Tailbone Trigger Point Pain

a illustration of a human body showing the location of pain in the sacrum

In today’s blog post, we focus on a very unique type of low back pain. For many of our clients, low back pain might show up as direct spinal pain, pain at the top of the pelvis, or SI Joint pain. Just as often, we see pain right at the base of the spine, right over a large bone called the sacrum (commonly know as the “tailbone”)

Sacral pain can emerge from a small collection of problems from pelvic floor issues, root nerve irritation, facet dysfunction, or direct trauma. Often overlooked is the role that muscular trigger points can play in sacral pain. For glute medius, the pain into the sacrum is both direct and unmistakable:

Pain here can make walking painful, hip movement difficult, and sitting quite irritable. While we recommend you get diagnostics for any of the above symptoms, if diagnostics have fallen short, treatment on this muscle to balance your pelvis will often relieve the pain in a short period of time. Give us a call and book your free consultation today!

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