Trigger Point Deltoid Pain

A man holds his deltoid muscle, where an area of pain is depicted in red

Most Americans are no stranger to shoulder pain. Usually, people seem to connect their pain to something local to the shoulder, but never really know where to start. Often many of the shoulder pains we feel are related to myofascial pain and to trigger points. One of the more common trigger point pain patterns we see is pain at the outside of the shoulder, right around the deltoid muscles. Below, we can see the trigger point referral for teres major:

This pain referral is fairly common and unfortunately this trigger point pain pattern can lead people to look for relief in the area where they are feeling the pain and not where the source of pain is located. Instead of pressing on the deltoid, release of this teres major tissue can deactivate the trigger point associated with this pain referral and offer relief. Foam rollers, lacrosse balls, or stretching can all be effective and immediate forms of intervention. For more difficult cases, contact one of our expert therapists and find some relief from shoulder pain today!

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