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David Phillips

A hand gripping a location of pain on the foot

In an earlier blog, we outlined the presentation of plantar fasciitis, the symptoms associated with it, and why someone may develop plantar fasciitis. You can find that blog here: Plantar Fasciitis ( In this post, as we continue to highlight trigger points and their relationship to pain and pathology. One of the most overlooked components of plantar fasciitis pain and plantar fasciitis treatment is trigger points in the calf.

The Culprits

Plantar fasciitis is a pathology that affects the plantar surface of the foot, inflaming the plantar fascia and causing morning time pain and stiffness, heel pain, arch pain, calf pain, difficulty walking, and limitations in exercise due to foot and heel pain. Two calf muscles that often get overlooked which also share some of the plantar fasciitis symptoms are gastrocnemius and soleus:


Here, we can see trigger points from the gastrocnemius, mimicking the pain often felt in the arch during plantar fasciitis. Addressing the symptoms of plantar fasciitis without addressing the symptoms associated with these trigger points may leave the issue unresolved.

Soleus, another muscle in the calf, has the capacity to mimic plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and the calf pain often associated with plantar fasciitis. If you’re experiencing pain in the plantar surface of the foot, including these symptoms above, seeking manual therapy for relief could be the missing link in your relief. If you’re not sure, we offer free consultations to help get the answers you are looking for.