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David Phillips

a red area on a man's forehead depicts the location of pain

In this series, we will be looking at muscles which refer headaches. Headaches can be one of the most irritating pains in the human body. Headaches also come from a variety of different sources, such as dehydration, stress, hormone imbalances, and problems with circulation. For today, we are at looking at trigger points found in a muscle in the front of the neck, sternocleidomastoid (SCM):


This is a dual bellied muscle, meaning it has 2 different bellies, with 2 different sets of trigger points. As you can see, the muscle belly coming off the clavicle, or collar bone, can refer headaches both above the eyes in the forehead, as well as behind the ear. For the muscle belly connected to the sternum, what we call the sternal head, referral area includes headaches around the eyes and temple, back of the skull, and top of the head. Other symptoms associated with SCM trigger points include tinnitus and vertigo. So, if you have headaches, suffer from dizziness, or have ringing in your ears you maybe you could have trigger points in your SCM. Give us a call and we will deactivate those trigger points right away!