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David Phillips


Even though your spine hurts, other areas may be involved too

Like we talked about in our first blog, one strategy for a tight and painful low back is to stretch the tissues around the spine. Need ideas? Check out our low back pain blog post for ideas and strategies. Sometimes stretches like the ones we posted in the low back blog just aren’t enough because, as you may already be aware, everything is connected! One connection that often plays a role in low back pain is the connection between your spine and your pelvis. When we help our clients find good pelvic mobility, their spine feels better immediately! We have added a couple of videos with pelvic mobility exercises to the bottom of this blog to help you get started. Of course, if you find that you have questions or need more help with your pelvic mobility you can always give us a call or book a session!

Pelvic mobility sounds complicated, but it’s not!

Mostly, it begins with stretching the muscles that attach to your pelvis. We can also begin to create small motions that help to maintain freedom in the area. Between stretching the large muscles associated with our pelvis and mobilizing the joints, you will be moving closer to a healthier spine each day:

Stretch 1: Back side pelvic hip hinge – YouTube

Stretch 2: Front side pelvic hip hinge – YouTube

Mobilization 1 : Front to back pelvic mobilizations – YouTube

Mobilization 2: Right to left pelvic mobilizations – YouTube