Relax, Rejuvenate, and Reduce Stress with Massage Therapy

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A stress reduction massage is designed to do two things:

1 – bring your nervous system into a deep state of relaxation

2 – provide you with the tools that you need to help you manage your stress on a physical level

The tools that will be utilized in the session are Vagus Nerve toning, Proper Breathing Techniques and Craniosacral Therapy.

Vagus Nerve Toning:  The Vagus Nerve is the longest nerve in the body innervating the major blood vessels, heart, lungs, airways, stomach, esophagus and intestines and helps regulate heart rate, digestion, blood pressure, sweating, and speech among other areas of your health.

The most important role and the one that we will be focusing on in a stress reduction session is the Vagus nerve’s role within the autonomic nervous system.  The Vagus nerve is responsible for the regulation of the fight or flight response of the body and when it does not have good tone it is not able to bring the body back into a state of homeostasis.

During the session you will be given tools and techniques to help you properly stimulate and tone your Vagus nerve as well as receiving manual therapy treatments to stimulate the nerve and calm the autonomic nervous system manually.

To learn more about the Vagus nerve and Vagal Toning please reference this article:

Breathwork:  All of us know how to breath but most of us do not know how to breath in a healthy way that provides the greatest amount of vitality for our overall being.  In this session your therapist will perform manual therapy to help open the breath and provide education and exercises to reinforce good breath so that your breathing and overall health improves.

Craniosacral Therapy:  Craniosacral Therapy is very good at dropping the nervous system into a deep state of relaxation.  You will receive the light touch treatment fully clothed while lying on your back.  Your therapist will work with your body to bring it down into a deep relaxing state.

All three of these modalities combined to for the purpose of relaxation and stress reduction.  As you work with these techniques you will begin to regain control of your body’s response to stress and to bring yourself into a better state  of health and balance.

Your nervous system suffers from continuous negative stimulation every day and it can take a toll on you in multiple ways.  Some of the most prevalent effects of having a nervous system that is constantly in a sympathetic (fight or flight) response are:

  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle aches
  • Chronic headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Poor emotional regulation
  • High stress
  • Being in flight-or-fight mode
  • Lowered attention span
  • Increased inflammation
  • Pain
  • And much more

You have within you the ability to bring forth health and vitality in your life and it starts with reestablishing a healthy stress response.


Wear comfortable, easy-to-move-in clothing. Close-fitting clothing or sports bras are preferred for structural analysis, and treatments are performed clothed.

We ask for 24 hours' notice to adjust or cancel appointments at no charge.

Cancellations within 24 hours are charged 50% of the session price.

Missed sessions with no notice are charged 100% of the session price.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept and file with your insurance. However, we can provide you with all of the information that you need to file with your insurance company directly.

Yes, we do! Just click on the Book Online button to schedule a consultation. We are happy to go through some assessments to see how KCB will be able to help you with your goals.

No. We cannot diagnose. Only a doctor can make a diagnosis.

We can and do use orthopedic testing to determine if bodywork is recommended for your issue. If we find that the test we perform is a positive then we may recommend that you go to a medical practitioner for a diagnosis.

Since every one of our therapists is an independent contractor we allow each therapist to decide whether they require credit card information to hold an appointment.

If the therapist does require credit card information to hold the appointment then that therapist will contact you to get that information so that they can put it securely in Square. Your card will not be charged and no amount will be held for the appointment.

If you cancel within 24 hours of the appointment or do not show up for the appointment then half of the price of the session will be charged to the card on file. Thank you for your understanding and please call us with any questions.

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