The Role of Inflammation in Anterior Shoulder Pain

Is the front of my shoulder inflamed? As a clinical bodywork company, Body Heal Therapy is no stranger to clients with pain in the front of the shoulder. Often referred to as anterior (front side) shoulder pain, the causes for this common affliction are many. In this series on anterior shoulder pain, a couple of … Read more

Low Back Trigger Point Pain

It is hard to imagine that 80 percent of the US population currently experiences low back pain. To give you some perspective on how bad the situation is, that is 4 out every 5 Americans . What is more telling is that low back pain, while it can sometimes be extremely complicated, is often rooted … Read more

Causes of Trigger Point Back Pain

Last week, we focused on trigger point development in the muscles of spine called the erector spinae, specifically, the pain referral into the SI Joint. SI joint pain is both common and difficult to figure out, with trigger point referrals often getting overlooked. So how and why do these muscles get irritated to begin with? … Read more

Trigger Point Pain In The SI Joint

Continuing our theme around trigger point pain and their association with common symptoms such as headaches, low back pain, or shoulder issues we turn our attention to the low back. If you have had low back pain for long enough, your familiar with the term SI Joint. The Si joint, which stands for the sacroiliac … Read more

Treating Trigger Point Headaches

Last week, we looked at the role the sub-occipital muscles played in tension headaches, specifically in migraine presentations. For many, differentiating between true migraines and tension migraines can be difficult. While muscles can refer pain similar to a migraine, true migraines can be caused by a plethora of different causes: Hormonal imbalances Circulatory changes and … Read more

Trigger Point Headaches

As we continue our journey into common trigger point pains that people experience, we shift our attention to one of the primary culprits in migraine type headaches: the suboccipital muscles. The suboccipital muscles are buried deep under the back of the skull, between where the skull meets the vertebrae of the neck. This small, deep … Read more

What Are Trigger Points?

In earlier blogs we’ve highlighted sources and presentations for nerve irritation, as well as how and why posture may be the culprit in many of our everyday pains. These pains often combine both poor posture and nerve irritation, leading to something referred to as a trigger point. Many of the folks we see on a … Read more


Mobility Mobility has become an up-and-coming buzz word in both the exercise and wellness community. While these buzz words can sometimes merit less attention, and often get lost in translation, mobility warrants exploration. To do that we need to ask questions such as, are mobility exercises all that important and, if so, what benefits are … Read more

Postural Expressions and Reflections

The journey of addressing poor posture often begins with understanding why the posture was lost in the first place. For many, posture is something that is a purely physical thing; if your posture is poor, something is simply where it is not supposed to be. This may be so, but there are many reasons a … Read more

What Causes Radial Nerve Pain?

A deeper look into pain relief: Radial Nerve Flossing Sometimes, pain in the arm, shoulder, forearm or hand can be a nuisance at best. As we have been discussing here the past couple of weeks, sometimes pain in the shoulder and arms can be downright debilitating! Pain caused by nerves can not only be extremely … Read more

Fix Median Nerve Pain Now!

In this vlog we take you through movements that stretch the muscles that compress the median nerve and movements that create a flossing action that can free the nerve from impingement. If you are experiencing any nerve pain from median nerve compression or median nerve impingement, this video will give you the tools to fix … Read more

What causes nerve compression?

model of arteries, blood vessels and arteries in the arm

What is nerve compression? Last week, our blog post covered the pain and symptoms associated with nerve trauma. This week, we are going to look at pain associated with nerve compression. While nerve trauma can be more devastating, standard nerve compression can be far more difficult to pin down since there is no moment of … Read more